eselect brand

ESelect has now partnered with UFinancial, a Melbourne-based, accredited and award-winning mortgage brokering and financial services provider.

Allow me to reassure you from the outset that this partnership will have no implications on our service to you. You will continue to receive the same quality of service from the same team members that you currently interact with. What will change is the variety of additional financial services that you will now have access to including financial planning, property advisory and accounting.

Through this joining of financial forces, ESelect has become part of the UFinancial family. As such, we will adopt the UFinancial name, logo and office location.

As a team we would like to thank you for choosing to work with us and promise to continue providing the highest quality mortgage brokering service for you. Nothing about our service delivery will change, just the name and location that we deliver it from.

You will still be able to call us on 1300 857 557 or Jim directly on 0423 020 437 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.